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1.She from Kansas

2.She trying to get to Emerald City

3.Tin Man was one of Dorothy Friends he needed a Heart, Scarecrow was the Second friend that Dorothy met and he needed a Brain, her last friend Cowardly Lion he needed Courage.

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Great Lakes

Nanny McPhee Returns Book


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why do you like horses?
because they are pretty
What colored horse is your favorite and why?
brown. because is my favorite color.

Do you like to ride horses?

What food does a horse eat?

Why are horses so fast?
run, long leg

Where are some places that horse live?
2.out in the wild

Where do horses sleep?
in a barn

What 2 things that cowgirls put on the horse before they ride them?
1.they put on saddle
2.put on horse shoes

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What kind of a dog is this?
Why do you like this type of dog?
because it is pretty.
Do you own a dog?
How many times should you feed a dog each day?
three times
What activities do you do with a dog?
take walks, play catch

Will this dog be small dog or a big dog when it gets older?
Big dog

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Q:Whats your favorite color for a rabbit?

Q:Do bunnies hop or do they run to move around?
A:They hop

Q:What kinds of foods do rabbits eat?
A: Carrots
Q: Can you keep a rabbit from the wild?
A:No you can't
Q:If you buy the bunny at a shop, then can you keep it?
Q:When you have a rabbit as a pet what kinds of things do you have to do to take care of it?
A: I feed it, take care of the cage
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Q:Where do Dolphins live?
A:in the water

Q: What kind of food do they eat?

Q:Why do Dolphins jump out of the water?
A:To have fun, to defend them self.

Q:Are dolphins nice or are they mean?
A:They are nice

Q:Do dolphins allow you to swim with them?

Q:What is a dolphins biggest enemy?

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National Park Project
Bryce Canyon became a National Park in 1928.

It was named after the Mormon Pioneer Ebenezer Bryce.
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The park was formed by a river that eroided it into a canyon
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The type of rock found in bryce canyon is Limestone
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The landform of Bryce Canyon is fragile. It has lots of montain formed by rivers.

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What kinds of changed is bryce canyon going through
  • Bryce canyon changes by the hour by the weather