I love going to the Outer Banks! When we got there I saw my cousins. Then we went to the beach and we swam with the waves to the shore. It can be dangerous when the waves pound us one by one. It feels like a hurricane (A small one.) I and my whole family stay in one house that includes my aunts, uncles and cousins (Only on my mom’s side.) That comes to 24 people in one huge house (not including my Uncle Marty)!!!!!!

I have had fun going to the beach, shopping, hanging out with my family, swimming in the back yard and playing volleyball in the back yard! Going to the beach is fun in the day because in the day we swim in the ocean together (besides the parents) then we go back to go swimming in the pool. Then at dinner we eat together with all 24 people (not including my Uncle Marty) after dinner we go outside and play a game of volleyball.

My dad is completive at volleyball so he like goes crazy on us if we are losing! Then before the sun goes down we go back to the beach to see the sunset go`s down it sounds so peaceful and pretty in till my family shows up! Then we go back to the house and go jump in the hot tub. Then we go back to the beach when it is dark so we can go crab hunting. Then my dad takes the biggest and puts it in our face so then we scream (sorry if you hear us)!! When we are done we go bake to the hot tube then the pool then finely we take a shower so we don’t smell like coloring. Its fun going to the OBX but the week will end.

Two days before we leave is fun we go shopping and eat all the left over peaches that taste like heaven. Only OBX peaches taste like heaven. Then the last day when you go to the beach it looks so beautiful that you don’t want to leave.