Hi my name is BB

Boxes and Bullets

My neighbor has been bulled since she was really little. They never see how nice or kind she really is. She always had anger problems and just wants everything to go her way. She would scream when she did not get something! My friends would not invite her to her parties. She is going through more bulling each year. That’s one example of bullying. She goes though people talking about her behind her back, people walking on her self esteem and eventually became depressed and ate a lot. These are three examples of what happens when a person feels bullied.
When you hear people talk about you behind your back is very hurtful. When you hear what they are saying about you it can make you cry. It becomes really bad when you have excellent hearing so you hear almost everything they are saying. Some people want you to hear them. The reason they do this is so they can see you cry. They think you will cry and spill out information that you don’t want people to hear because it gives them more to tease you about.

Self a steam is very important in life. Bullies can make you lose that self esteem. They love to get your self esteem down. They think it is really funny or they think it is cool. When this happens you feel bad about yourself. Why? Because you feel like no one likes you or like they hate you and that is not a good feeling. After a long time, something happens, you become unconfident about yourself. You will become desperate.

After you become mad or depressed something happens so you start to eat a lot! After a long time goes by and they don’t stop bulling you, you look up to food. Lastly and sadly you start to love food like it is your best friend. “It makes you happy to eat” my mom said. It is a feeling that you have mentally and emotionally. Then the bulling gets much worse instead of better. Then you get really fat.

Having to hear them say mean things, losing your self esteem and becoming fat slowly is NOT OK. Sometimes people can commit suicide, threaten to commit suicide or even worse to kill there bully`s. They will became a little bully`s