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Emma L.
What is a Monito Del Monte?
Here is a picture of a Monito Del Monte:
Picture Link

My wonder isn't necessarily about the Montio Del Monte, it's about all the unknown endangered animals. The panda and the polar bears are all known but, what about the Hairy-Nosed Wombat? Why are these not known? Sometimes the endangered animals are unknown because they aren't pretty or cute, this crab isn't either of those but he's still endangered! yellowcrab.jpgImage Link

This ties in with our picture on Google Earth because, when I saw the globe I thought about:

'What is the number of animals on this Earth?' which led to me thinking about trying to change the way people look at this world (from the PaPer Clips movie) and I thought about endangered animals and that led me to find and eventually research the Monito Del Monte.

Some ideas, some notes, some questions:

I learned that Monito Del Monte means 'mountain monkey' Spanish (Dromiciops australis in Latin), but is not a monkey but a marsupial (meaning that they have a pouch in which to carry their young). They are 8 to 13 cm and about 17 to 31 grams. This little marsupial is almost a living fossil, part of a family that dates back 40 million years ago. Although the Monito Del Monte is living in South America, scientists think that it originated from Australia. This animal's numbers are unknown but, the rate of them are declining and the animal is greatly endangered. Although they seem to be reasonably common in their few restricted areas. They are excellent climbers but also at home on the ground. Some of the threats include loss of restricted habitat and the presence of the black rat. The Monito Del Monte is carnivorous eating small insects and other invertebrate.

Some Ecology Facts:

  • The Monito Del Monte is an excellent tree climber thanks to their long tail.
  • This species is nocturnal- meaning that it sleeps through the day and is awake during the night.
  • They sleep in a nest constricting of twigs and waterproof bamboo leaves lined with mosses and grasses.
  • They can store fat in their tail and so can go into hibernation when food is scarce.
  • They can double their weight in a week with the tail 'storage area'.
  • They usually have a liter of about 1 to 5 young.
  • The Monito Del Monte is semi-arboreal meaning they mostly live in trees (notice the semi and the arbor* in arboreal to help understand the word)
  • Monito Del Monte translates many ways all including 'monkey' and 'mountain' and sometimes 'little'.

What I plan to do next:

  • I need to find an expert on the Monito Del Monte-this will help me get a lot more information.
This is my survey results:
Survey Results
My question:
Have you ever heard of the Monito Del Monte?


Some connections from the World Hunger Assembly:

Many people are hungry in Kenya because, of deforestation making the clouds move away without dropping any water. Deforestation or loss of habitat are making the numbers of the Monito Del Monte also drop. This shows that trees are a big part of the world's ecosystem and when lost can cause catastrophic problems. Also when more people know about these terrible conditions both for the Monito Del Monte and for all the hungry people then we can start helping out. Ignorance is sometimes the worst part of the problem.

My site I found using the R.E.A.L. Guidelines
Another reliable site
Another video site

*arbor relates to trees

Kelsey's Exploration edit

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Kelsey M.

Kelsey's Learning Journal
My Wonder:When was swimming a part of the olympics?

My reseach so far has lead me to:
Swimming has been part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. There were four events in 1896, the 100 meter freestyle, 500 meter freestyle, 1200 meter freestyle, and Sailors 100 meter freestyle (this event was open only to sailors in the Greek Royal Navy).

Key Question:Why can't we feel the earth roution?
other answer:
If you ride a car on a smooth road at constant speed and fixed direction, your motion exerts no force on you and you will feel as if you were not moving at all. The car's engine is needed to overcome friction of the road and air resistance, but inside the closed car you feel force-free.

One answer:
It’s the same sensation as when you’re riding in a car or flying in a plane – as long as the ride is going smoothly. A jumbo jet flies at about 500 miles per hour – that’s about 800 kilometers an hour – about half as fast as the Earth spins at its equator
But if you close your eyes, you don’t feel like you’re moving at all. And when the flight attendant comes by and pours coffee into your cup, the coffee doesn’t fly to the back of the plane. That’s because the coffee, the cup and you are all moving at the same rate as the plane.
But as long as Earth spins steadily – and moves at a constant rate in orbit around the sun – you as an earthly passenger move right along with it.

Key Question: Why is the earth a sphere?
some ideas, some notes, some answers
  • The earth (and other planets) are spherical because the force of gravity organized them and they took this form as a preference
I found this at Earth is a sphere This website is not the most trusted website in the world in my opinion because it does not tell who made this website and that could mean that anyone could have added things on it.The last time somebody posted something was in 2009, which isn't that current. Also I could post on it if i had a account, so maybe someone posted something that was not true. Most links just give a little bit of information that have my question on it,which means that it is linked to the internet, some give helpful info and others are just ads.
  • The Earth (and other planets, and stars) is spherical because the spherical shape is thelowest energy state that a group of matter can be in. As long as the maximum mountain size is small compared to the radius of the planetoid (true for objects considerably smaller than the Moon), the body will be spherical.
    I found this at Why is earth a sphere? I think that it is a trusted website because the U.S. goverment is one of the link tags and it is NASA's site. But I do think that if they would have given more info, it would have been more trust worthy because it would have more details than it already does. It says that the last time it was vist last on July 24 ,2011 so that means that it is pretty up to date and has current info.There are some links but not helpful for my info.

Little dirt mountain
external image 5887103062_d856a11740.jpg
When you are on it, you can see the whole BCS playground!

Push Your Thinking:

What other connections can I draw to my observation?
  • It is as big as a two camel's hump!
  • It looks like a very little appalchina mountain!

Probe with Questions:

What questions did your observations, thoughts or connections raise?
  • How did it get there?
  • Could you add more dirt to it to make it better?
  • What could a bigger dirt mountain feel like?

Wonders About the World:

  • Why is the world a spare?
  • Why do people do the bad things they do to the world?
  • Why is more than half the world is water?
  • Why are all the conitences seperated?
  • Why is earth the only planet that you can live in?

Lauren C's Exploration edit

What's Your Question?

Lauren C.
Lauren Learning Journal
  • The White Tiger external image wt.jpg
    When was the fish tank put in the buliding

My Key Question is
How do ice age happens

Push Your Thinking:

What other connections can I draw to my observation?
  • All the fish live there what we have n the school

Probe with Questions:

What questions did your observations, thoughts or connections raise?
  • why did they put the fish tank in the school in the first place
  • how do they choose the fish that they did
  • who takes care of the fish

What I wonder...

  • Why is the earth more then half of water
  • Why is the earth a spher
  • Why are the contenits sperated into diffrent places
  • Why ice ages happen

Caroline P's Exploration edit

What's Your Question?

CarolineP's Learning Journal

Caroline p.
Key Question: Questions,Notes,Ansewers ,And more
Why is the earth round answer The earth was formed four and a half years ago from a huge rotating cloud of gas and it get pulled with a force and it end up as a shpere
now I gave a new wonder a couple why is everything connected ?
Why are there three layers of the earth?
Is the mid ocean ridge connected to sea floor spreading or is it just a site of it?
I obseved the soccer field
it made me think of the soccer team I used to be on

Push Your Thinking:

What other connections can I draw to my observation?
  • It is a very big soccer field
  • It seems like some people play on it

Probe with Questions:

What questions did your observations, thoughts or connections raise?
  • how long has it been there?
  • do soccer teams play on there?
  • How long is the soccer field?

Wonders about the world:
Why is the world round why can't it be square or a triangle?
Why is the world mostly with water not land?
Why is it the only planet we can live on?
Why does the earth turn why doesn't the sun and the moon?

Shannon's Exploration edit

What's Your Question?

Shannon S

Shannon S Learning Journal

Key Question:
  • Why do people color the contents on maps.
  • Becuse they tell the diffrence of each contry and content.

How did soccer become a sport.
Push Your Thinking:
What other connections can I draw to my observation?
  • By the mid-20th century the sport had reached an extraordinarily high level of play.
  • The first women's World Cup match was played in 1971 in Mexico City.
  • Olympic competition was also vital to the spread of the game.
Probe with Questions:
What questions did your observations, thoughts or connections raise?
  • How did soccer become a sport?
  • How many teams are there?
  • Who is the most famous soccer player in the world?
Some answers i found out?
  • It became a professional sport about 124 years ago.
  • There is 2,028 professionall soccer teams in the world.

Wonders around the world:

  • Why is the world a sphere.
  • Why are contents colored.
  • How long does it take people to take pictures around the world.