• Focus Skills
    • Team-Building, Collaboration, Interpersonal Skills
      • sharing & blending ideas
      • listening to others
      • asking questions
      • staying with group
      • sharing control - leading & following
      • including others in decision-making
  • Secondary Skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management

Communication Managers - to create a team page:
1. Click on New Page
2. Title: name your page Towers and the first names only of each member of your group (example: Towers EliDrewSaraSteve)
3. Template: Engagebb (choose from drop-down meu)
4. Click on Create Page
5. Add your team members (first names only) and their roles for this unit to your page
6. Click on SAVE page
7. Check to be sure your page appears in the list below

Newspaper Challenge

Team Pages

Towers- Kate, Shannon, Caroline, Fin