My Digital Backpack

Name: Reese H Is it real?

I must have the correct social network

What causes you to pay attention, even if the topic you’re studying is not your favorite? When I get my work DONE.

Me, As A Learner:

What motivates you to learn
I know that when you stay in school and learn than it leads to a better job and a better life/future
What must you have in order for your learning to be successful? I must pay attention in class

What makes you shut down? A boring time in science when we read textbooks silently

How can we create or avoid these conditions in our learning community? Read as a class

Me, as a piece of our learning community:

  • What strengths can I share with my learning community? socilality

  • What support do I need from my community? school

The communities around me:

  • How will my learning community shape me? Other people

  • What forces encourage my independence? When im happy about a project

  • What forces work against or undermine my independence?Math

Where are your strengths visible in your learning?
In what way(s) have you been challenged as a learner?
In what way(s) have you relied on others to learn?
What connections have you drawn from your learning experiences?
What questions have surfaced as a result of your learning?
On the computer on the wiki. Also on scratch
Some of the reflections.
I have helped other kids.
I have learned how to help others.
How do i learn?
Language Arts
My strengths are writing essays and spelling. This is a link to my RandE
Most of the packets. I have had a hard time doing them on time.
On the group progects and sometimes when im not here to lisen to instrutions
I like to learn in class.
How will laguage arts help me in the real world?
I am good with turning in homework on time and using my class time wisly.
I am not very good at tests. I get bad grades on most tests.
on progects and help on math.
I learn more during work time and with others.
Can I get better at math???
In science I am good at reading the textbook and getting work done.
I sometimes i get bored and dose off. I also sometimes dont work well with groups
On group progects and on when I dont know what to do
I work harder and learn more when im having fun.
How can science effect me?????
Social Studies
I think social studies is fun and that makes me want to work harder.
I am drawn back when I am stuck on a test.
When I need to check my test with my friends
I try really hard to get a good grade on tests
How can this help me in the real world???????????????????????????????
I am good at scratch and minecraft.

I get stuck when I have to get help from friends
When I am stuck and i need help to do stuff
At home, I do the stuff i do in thinkering
How can I learn to do other things in this class????