RC Challenge

What answers can you find to the following questions:
    • What is energy?roller_coaster.jpg
    • What is the difference between kinetic & potential energy?potential energy is stored energy
    • What happens to energy when it is moved from potential to kinetic energy?the stored energy is realsed
    • What happens to the levels of potential & kinetic energy in an object as it falls?
    • What happens to the levels of potential & kinetic energy in an object as it is raised?
    • How can potential energy be converted to kinetic energy?
    • How can kinetic energy be converted to potential energy?
    • What is gravitational potential energy?
    • What is chemical potential energy?
    • What is elastic potential energy?
    • What is electrical potential energy?
    • How is thermal energy transferred?
    • What are the differences in the way heat is transferred through Radiation, Conduction and Convection?
  • Open a word document
  • Copy & Paste the questions from above
  • Answer each question as completely as possible
  • Save your doc in your h-drive
    • name: RCChallenge + first name of each member in your group
  • Upload your completed file to Moodle http://moodle.digitalbcs.com/mod/assignment/view.php?id=9151

Now, Consider this:


  1. Create a new page
    • Title: RCChallenge + first names of each team member
    • Template: RCChallenge
    • Tags: rcchallenge (hit enter) each username in your group (hit enter) science
    • Check to be sure your page appears in the list below
  2. Work through RC Challenge
  3. Be sure you save time to review and check your work before close of class on Friday!

RCChallenge Robert, Vincent, Ryan, and Nate