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  • What motivates you to learn?
What motivates me is when the room is quiet and people around me are focused as well.
when i work with a partner
  • What must you have in order for your learning to be successful?
I need a comfortable chair to be able to work my hardest.
i need technology
  • What causes you to pay attention, even if the topic you’re studying is not your favorite?
That I want to get good grades and learn new things.
to make it fun
  • What makes you shut down?

A boring topic will make me shut down, but if I have choices it is better.
long discussions
  • How can we create or avoid these conditions in our learning community?
If you give me choices of what we can learn
give me technology to work with

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Rocky mountains jlw4
Cool Earth Science Terms & Resources
Jack W's Writers Notebook
Jack W's math page
Maryland Cook
Colonial America
jlw4 learning journal
jlw4 What's Your Question?
Jack W's Real strategies

Where are your strengths visible in your learning?
In what way(s) have you been challenged as a learner?
In what way(s) have you relied on others to learn?
What connections have you drawn from your learning experiences?
What questions have surfaced as a result of your learning?
I am pretty good with computers
on scratch we had many problems
in teamwork like scratch projects
to technolgy
did my parents have this class as a kid?
Language Arts
reading and our essays. i really think i did a good
book clubs
to read all of the assigned pages so we can have a proper discussion
to the indian days and to old time baseball. it is very cool
was that what really happened back then
my math page

if i do not get something
A lot of new methods.
Ho w did they come up with the rectangular method.
well on the rock unit i have a rock collection so i know a couple things about rocks
to give my 100% on listening
if i did not catch something the teacher said
i have connected to the outside world
is this how all science classes work??
Social Studies
the civil war
Jack W's SS test reflection
read all of the book pages
to work as a team
i have e mailed other people
why is our school like this?
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