1. How did your project turn out? What were the strengths of the project? What were the weaknesses? Please describe the vehicle you used to share the information within all of your answers to the above questions.
It was ok overall. I think my group did a great job on splitting the topics equally. Our weakness as we have expierenced before is stay on topic. We used powerpoint and voki.com.

2. What risks did your group take preparing your project? What new learning came from this? What was hard about this? What was good about this?
Our big risk was using voki and learning about it in the short time we had. Well we all learned how to use voki. It was hard to explain what the historical timeframe was in the book. It was good that we all did our jobs

3. What would you do differently in the future on this type of project?
We would all try to stay on topic more!

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