EngageE.jpgGame Design

Challenge: Use Scratch to create a game, or components of a game that engages others

Purpose: to discover & explore the elements of game design


  • Create a new page:
    • Title: username + Game Design Reflection
    • Template: Engage 3-2-1 Reflection
    • Tags: username + game
  • Complete the reflection table
  • Go to your team's Game Design page
    • type Our Game Design Reflections at the top of your team page
    • post a link to your reflection
Play around with any of the games below, or others that you truly enjoy:
  • Angry Birds
  • Temple Run
  • Cut the Rope
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Others?
    • Think about the following and be prepared to share your thoughts in class:
      • How does it engage you?
      • How does it keep your interest?
      • What skills, or thinking strategies do you use during this game?
      • As game designers, what elements might be important to consider when designing engaging & fun games for others?
      • How might games such as these influence the future of education?


Plan & Reflect

  • Create a Game Design Learning Journal
    • Title: Team Name + Game Design Journal
    • Template: Game Design Journal
    • Tags: usernames + scratch + engage
  • Link your journal under the list of team members names on your game page
  • Post your plans for today's time in the first row of your journal (responses to 2 questions this morning)


  • As a team, select twogames from the following list:
    1. GuessingGame
    2. PacMan
    3. FishChomp
    4. Pong
    5. MarbleRacer
    6. FruitcraftRPG
    7. BugOnAPlate
    8. ScrollingDemo
    9. Octo Shark Attack
  • Play, play, play each game. As you're playing, think of the information you will want to include in your review;
  • Consider the notes from our class discussion on the elements of a high quality review, for support
  • Work with your team to construct a high quality Game Review for each of the two games; Remember: you are contributing to the work of others - be respectful, polite and constructive.
  • Post a draft of your review to your team wiki page
  • Read each of the draft reviews posted by the team listed above yourson our Game Design page.
    • Use our class discussion rubric to evaluate their reviews:
      • Are their comments thoughtful & complete?
      • Does the information they include clearly relate to the content or topic of the game?
      • Do they include examples or supporting details?
      • Do they use words that are powerful, descriptive and in ways that make it easier to understand their point?
      • Are they polite and encouraging?
      • What impression will their spelling, grammar and punctuation offer the Scratch Community?
  • Post specific,detailed and constructive feedback to the team, using the discussion tab of their team page: How might they strengthen their review?
  • Reviewthe feedback from your peers on the Game Reviews your team created and respond to the following in a reply to the discussion area your peers started on your page:
    • What changes will you make to your review?
    • How will these changes serve to strengthen your review?
    • For each suggestion your team has chosen to ignore, please explain why.
  • Once you have reached your team's collaborative best, please post your review to the appropriate game page within the Scratch Community
  • Add a link to your post on your team's Game Design page


  • Please create your team page:
    • Title: Team Name + Game Design
    • Template: Game Design
    • Tags: each members username + gd + scratch + engage (be sure to hit "enter" between each tag)
  • Save your team page and check to be sure it appears in the list of pages below
  • Game Design Challenge

List of pages tagged gd

Molly, Anika, and Zora's Game Page
Hollie Lauren Temple Run


  • Scroll to the bottom of your page & consider the list of challenges.
  • As you consider how you'll work as a team, discuss and post your team's response to each of the following questions:

Subject Author Replies Views Last Message
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Sharing Work & Leadership swilkie swilkie 18 193 Feb 9, 2012 by WRH1 WRH1
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Role Playing swilkie swilkie 17 107 Feb 8, 2012 by LJC4 LJC4
Documenting/Reflecting swilkie swilkie 17 112 Feb 8, 2012 by pds1 pds1