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Me, As A Learner:
  • What motivates you to learn?
  • When we do something that is like a project about something that I never knew about

  • What must you have in order for your learning to be successful?
  • A group or someone to help me with something I dont get or need an example.

  • What causes you to pay attention, even if the topic you’re studying is not your favorite?
  • If I know alot about the topic and want to give some information.

  • What makes you shut down?
  • If I start to not understand what is happening or what im supposed to do.

  • How can we create or avoid these conditions in our learning community?
  • I can avoid not getting stressed out by just go back to it or ask someone
  • I can create these conditions by if I need help dont wait go right then and there.

Me, as a piece of our learning community:

  • What strengths can I share with my learning community?
  • When i can teach them something about computers or if anyone needs to do something that they cant do but i can.

  • What support do I need from my community?
  • i need stuff that i dont know or have.

The communities around me:

  • How will my learning community shape me?
  • When you are somewhere that you really love and allow the community that your in really help you or shape your point of view.

  • What forces encourage my independence?
  • when you get inspired top do something that you love and get more interested about like if you love animals or whatever you can go and find or learn about what you love.

  • What forces work against or undermine my independence?
  • when a bully bully's me by saying "hey this is my playground not yours or hey your not allowed to play with us,your not a cool kid.

The World:

  • How is independence used to improve our world?
  • When people need to do some thing like write a book they go outside and get inspired instead of having certain rules and staying inside the whole time so they wont be inspired enough then just a paper,pencil,and a mind.

  • Has independence been used to harm our world?
  • Yes because robbers and theifs have harmed people or stolen something very precious or valuable

Where are your strengths visible in your learning?
In what way(s) have you been challenged as a learner?
In what way(s) have you relied on others to learn?
What connections have you drawn from your learning experiences?
What questions have surfaced as a result of your learning?
I was able to gather everyone and agree on one thing.
When we had to make a game that all of my team mates liked.
When I ask them to save and continue on with the project.
in engage you have a free mind and outside in my backyard or front yard because you can run and play really you can do anything.
What will we do next because engage is my favorite subject and how will it make me better at engage.
Language Arts
When I'm writing about something exciting.
When i had to write about something that wasn't that fresh in my brain.
When i asked my partner to post something to my essay or recommend it to others.
in writing you can write about anything and your imagination will never end. On my saxophone you can write anything as a song.
What new writing will we be doing and what is it going to be about.
I can explain what I did and how I did it.
When we had to do stuff in a group like a math part
When we are doing like a measurement thing were you have to measure your partner.
you have to learn math because in every subject their math like if your an architect and you need to find the height of a building. You use math.
Will we be learning something like a fun project where you do architecture That would be fun to make your own build your own building.
When we are learning about something I really know about
When we are doing a test or a review.
When we need to do a project that evolves a lot from others.
In science you learn about the earths crust mantle and so on. When you at home you could dig a hole and look at some layers of the earth.
What will we do next and how will it effect the other subjects that we have learned so far in the year.
Social Studies
when I'm doing something I'm really interested in or good at.
when it was time to stop learning about a topic that i really love.
when were doing a project and i have to depend on some of my partners.
In social studies you can learn about mountains or what happen back then and at a museum you can find out or look at old things people or what they did in the olden days.
When we were learning about colonial Williams burg how is that section going to effect what happen when i wasn't here
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Language arts

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