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Our Life Rocks!
A Story of Our Journey from Beginning to Beginning...
Drawing on the expertise of each person on your team (igneous, sedimentary & metamorphic), create a story of your life, from beginning to beginning...
  1. In class today, you were given time to think through and plan your story board, given your understanding of the 3 rock types and the rock cycle.
  2. Create a wiki page where you can post the notes & details of each stage of your life (igneous, sedimentary & metamorphic)
    • Title: title of your story
    • Template: Our Life Rocks!
    • Tags: science + username + rockcycle
  3. Save your page and be sure it appears on the page linked below
  4. Come to class tomorrow, prepared to create/build your story
  5. Remember to keep your timeline in mind and budget wisely!
  6. Be sure to self-assess, given the criteria discussed in class today (see "Our Life Rocks!" file posted below)
  7. Once you have completed your story, please publish to the top of your team's wiki page
  8. Record your team's self-assessment on your wiki page
Specific details of assignment handed out in class today:

Use the information in the videos below & your text book to help share the important details of your life!
Rocks & Minerals

Types of Rocks

The Rock Cycle

"QuickClips" Learning Channel
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