Creating Our Community
As part of our first day, we challenged our community of learners to create a puzzle - each piece representing individual members of our team. Students were provided posterboard, pencils, meter sticks and scissors, then given time to brainstorm, plan, test-drive and agree upon strategies for creating our community puzzle. Each individual piece needed to connect to the pieces of the table team, each table section needed to connect to their neighboring table sections, and all 56 pieces needed to connect about a challenge!
As part of the brainstorming session, students realized the following skills would be needed for this task:
  • Communication - between people at each table, between table teams and across our class
  • Listening
  • Working Together
  • Thinking Ahead
  • Working Carefully

Most impressive was the thoughtful exchange of ideas & strategies, the creative approaches, and the help offered between teams through the more challenging parts of this activity.
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