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Anna C's travel log

Paris, France

date: Thursday Nov 10.
reflection:Today we went to an island called mont st. michel. We are now in normandy fance. We are staying at a small inn. I love the inn. It is fun to explore. The Inn has 2 ducks, 10 cats, 1 dog, 2 donkeys and 6 goats. They had a lama but it is on vaction right now. I like this one cat named Moe ( he only has one eye).
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date:Tuesday Nov 8
reflection: Today I got up and walked to a tour boat on the sein river. I sat on the top next to my little cousin Evie. The tour guied had alot of information. We saw alot of stuff wile we were on the boat including: The Louv, The effiel tower and lots more. Other boats were also out for a ride or carring stuff. It was a rained a little but just lightly. Then we went to a kichen store with french copper pots. Evie was playing chef. After that we ate a nice lunch and took the metro to sacre coer. Later when it was dark we went up the effiel tower.
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date: Monday nov 7
reflection: Today we went to Saint Chappelle which is in the Palais de Justice (the Supreme Court of France). Then we walked to the Louvre and saw The Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, the Venus de Milo, Cupid Holding Psyche and Vermeer's Map Maker. After the Louvre we walked for miles around the Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysee and the Rue St. Honore. That is were we went shopping in Paris!!!
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IMG_7765.JPGThe Venus de Milo IMG_7750.JPGThe Mona LisaIMG_7760.JPG Cupid Holding Psyche

date: Sunday nov 6
reflection: My brothers and family went to garden de luxemberg today but I had a low blood sugar problem so I stayed in our apartment. Later when I was feeling better we wanderd around the Marais which had shops but did not get anything.
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date: Saterday nov 5
reflection: We went to Notre Dame today. I did not get a chance to go because I was sick with low blood sugar. My brothers and my family went, just not me. later when I was better we went to sweet french bakerys and had lunch in a cafe. There are cafes all over Paris. We can walk lots of places. when we want to get around you take a bus, taxie or the metro.
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IMG_7658.JPGThis is Notre Dame

date: Thursday ---- Friday, Nov 3/4
reflection: Just got off of a really long and annoying flight. I used to have terrible jet leg but now I'm doing just fine. The exciting thing is......
I'M IN PARIS! We have a beatifull little apartment in Paris. We had fun going along the streets looking at all these difforent shops and cafes and restraunts. We had dinner in a little cafe. We sat inside because outside seating was taken. The weird thing was when my mom let my brother have as much candy as we wanted to and at the restraunt He had a ice cream and chocolate crapes. I had a brown sugar one. I'm having lots of fun for my first day but yet I have not seen the whole effile tower. there are lots of people speaking french here. I am picking up a few words. My dad is coming tommorw.
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Justin H's - Travel Log


reflection:Today I was in a rush to do my homework so I flew on the plane and did my homework Like I am doing Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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reflection:Today was my last day at sea so I just Packed and chilled
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reflection:today was 11-11-11!!!!! I went to Cabo San Lucas agian but this time I got to get off the boat. The Boat was to big to go into port so I hadto get off the boat into annother and got to port. I went shopping again but i did not find any thing of interest
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reflection:Today I saw the movie "Real Steel", and I saw my uncle's Girlfriend in the movie (extra but easy to see)
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reflection:Today I went to Puerto Vallarta and we went shopping in many different stores, It was very hot and I talked to people in spanish (as well as I could)
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reflection:Today I was woken up by the ship horn because they announced that there was a passenger that was severely injured and had to go to the hospital. So we stopped in Cabo San Lucas to drop him off. Also I went swimming, Hot tubbing, and I saw the movie "The Help".
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reflection:Today I woke up and right away I went to a very very large meal, after that I went to bingo and almost won the major jackpot of $5000 after that I went to a movie theater and saw a couple of movies.
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reflection:Today I got on the Disney Wonder cruise ship and and watched as we left port
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reflection:Today I flew from Detroit to L.A. and stayed in a hotel for the night
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