My Learning Port

Me, As A Learner:
What motivates you to learn?
When we are doing something fun and creative
What must you have in order for your learning to be successful?
be able to see and hear when reading or doing a lesson
What causes you to pay attention, even if the topic you’re studying is not your favorite?
If we talk about the intresting points.
What makes you shut down?
when something is hard and i don`t get it.
How can we create or avoid these conditions in our learning community?
By making sure everyone understands everything.
‍Me, as a piece of our learning community:

What strengths can I share with my learning community?
creativity, techsmart, caring, funny silly, active and sporty.

What support do I need from my community?
hepfullness,caring, fun,silly, and nice

‍The communities around me:

How will my learning community shape me?
i will try my harddest and be nice and helpfull to everyone.

What forces encourage my independence?
caring, silly and fun

What forces work against or undermine my independence?
mean, rude and non helpful. help on how to format textHome > ... Loading...Home Turn Off "Getting Started" Loading...

My links:

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Where are your strengths visible in your learning?
In what way(s) have you been challenged as a learner?
In what way(s) have you relied on others to learn?
What connections have you
drawn from your learning experiences?
What questions have surfaced as a result of your learning?
Working in small groups.
i have let them teach me how to do things.
That i use technology almost
247 in all classes but mostly in engage and i like that.

Why don`t we have more engage?
Language Arts
I have let them revise papers i have wrote.
We write alot.

Why do we not learn cursive in 6th grade or 5th?
Concentrating and algebra
To teach me
We work alot in groups and indavidually
Why do we learn things that we never will use?
Hands on activites and/or working alone.
To help me learn.
That the earth science.
Why is the earth made up of pretty much all science.
Social Studies
To help me learn.