Anna C's: Learning Journal

Monday, April 9th:

Are you having fun researching your topic for your wonder? Explain
yes, but I think I need a new one since I have been working on it for to years..

What could you do to make your topic more interesting if you are not interested and what could you do to keep your topic interesting if you are interested
I could maybe do like a act out on how to help the moose and wolves.
How could others input make researching your wonder more fun?
Maybe if I could get more people to look at my blog and I will think that I actully making a difforence.
How could you push your wonder to stretch your thinking?
If i could get a lot of info from real people that would be cool.
February 27th:
Continue to work on furthering your research on your wonder
1. Please review the comments that have been posted to your blog page.
  • How can you use these comments to further your studies?
The comments were off topic and I fixed all the mistakes like the cut off webpage.
  • What questions can you ask to further clarify the comments?
They were not about my wonder it was jusst about my friends website.
  • How does this lead you to your next steps?
It does not.
2. Using the comments from Mr. Truss, what are your next steps with your wonder?
I will post more pictures and do more reaserch.
How does the messiness of learning help you? How does it hinder you? What do you need to know to help your next steps?
You don't always need to be perfect when your working with tech explore...
Feb 17: Continued work on Claims and evidence w/Effort and Acheivement
1. What other claims have you made about your Wonder, given your research to this point?
I have changed my wonder to wild animals of michigan and colorado.
2. What specific evidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)? Please include evidence from all 3 categories:
  • About lots of animals
  • stuff about animals and michigans animals and for colorado.
  • Going on hikes, going on the feild trip, going to the nature center, going to colorado and traviling all over michigan

Feb 10: Combining Claim & Evidence w/ Effort & Achievement
  1. What claim(s) can you make about your Wonder, given your research to this point?
I have done alot with the certen animals.
  1. What specificevidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)? Please include evidence from all 3 categories:
  2. LOOK AT FEB 17
    • facts
    • data
    • personal experience (your small moments, or those of others)

    • Which of the REAL strategies have you used to verify the facts and data you are using as evidence (be sure to list all)?
  3. Use your responses from above to create a post on your blog. Be sure your post showsyour readers the effort you've put forth to discover the answers to your wonder. Be sure to include
  4. ...
  5. LOOK AT MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. your claim(s) about your wonder
    • the specific evidence you have to support your claim
    • all sources of information and images
    • specific strategies you have already used to verify the credibility of your sources

Feb 1, 2012

What efforts have you made to address your Wonder this week?
  • What achievements have you made?I
I have done a lot of achievements please look at the post below to look at my achivevments.
  • How would you score yourself for each?
a 5
  • Reflecting on our discussion in class, what “tweaks” might make this rubric work better for you?
    • What if the end column wasn’t the end point?
    I think that i would have alot of cool stuff
    • How might it better reflect your efforts to reach further, dig deeper, question more critically…?
I think that I would do alot of really cool stuff. You really have to look at my blog!

Jan 31, 2012
Today I worked on the endangerd animals club. Here anyone can become a member and get an animal. They can donate money to help save that animal or help us get more info on the animal. I also worked on my blog making new pages and post. I am going to post more stuff, so be ready for alot more. I am excited were this is taking me. Wonders is my favorite class!
I think that I rate my self today a 5 because I got alot done and here is a list of it:
  • Brain storming for my animal club
  • adding more pages and new posts
  • figuring out how to take the old side bar stuff off! (finally)
  • Researching endangerd animals
  • Checked out books about the animals
  • worked on my blog (changing the pics and stuff)
  • Got a email for my wonder (check back later to see what it is)
  • Started a power point
I would rate my achivment a 5 because I got alot done in a short time and left work feeling proud of what i’d gotten done.

Jan 30: Posting Claim(s) & Evidence
As you consider the research you've done to this point on your Wonder, please respond to the following with thoughtful, rich and complete posts:
  1. Where do you see Science in your Wonder?
I see that reserching animals is a big part of science. Also I think that reserching what causes the animals to die off is also a big part of science and my wonder.
  1. What claim(s) can you make about your Wonder, given your research to this point?
I know that i have to educate people what they are doing to animals and what they can do to stop doing it.
  1. What specificevidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)?
    • I have alot of animal facts
    • Ihave lots of examples too.
    • I think that I do not have any persanol experiences but i think i will in the future.
  2. Which of the REAL strategies have you used to verify the facts and data you are using as evidence (be sure to list all)?
I have used multiple wbsites including: and more trusted websites and got the same information.

Jan 13:
As you narrow your focus on your Wonder, please consider the questions posted to your discussion tab by your teammates (see Dec 9 below).
  1. How does their question support your investigation?
Then I can look at there question and find it online which might lead an answer to my problem.
  1. How might you go about addressing or answering their question? (please craft a reply to their post)
I would search about it.
  1. What is your next step in investigating your Wonder?
My next step is to educate people about endangerd animals.
Student bloggers, please...
  1. add a linkto your blogroll:
    • a link to your Learning Journal
    • links to the blog of each member of your What's Your Question team (and others, if you wish)
  2. replace the header "Just another BPS Edublogs Campus Site site" with something that reflects your journey to find answers to your Wonder (need help? see Kate A, Gus K, Hannah S, Lauren S or Emma L)
  3. rename the "Sample Page" that came with the initial template - try to think of a name/page that will support or compliment your work
    • Resources - where you can document & store the resources you use along the way
    • My List of Wonders - post your brainstorm list of wonders from the start of the year (I'm sure you had MANY!)
    • Photo Library - post related photos that surface as you investigate answers to your Wonder
    • Maps - do maps play a part of your Wonder? Why not offer them to your readers/followers?

Jan 6:
Consider the student blogs you reviewed at the start of our week...
  1. How do you imagine your own blog might teach, inspire, motivate, or connect others?
I think it will inspire people because what I will wright people might actuly do.
  1. How will you invite others into the conversation of your posts?
I will do a lot of catchy words or bright colors.
  1. What traditional writing techniques do you need to remember as a blogger?
You need to give strong writing.
  1. Please showyour answers by completing each of the following tasks:
    • How do you subscribe to our What We Wonder blog so you receive updates to your school email account?
    • How do you add a link to our What We Wonder blog so it appears on the blogroll on the front page of your blog

Dec 9:
  1. Click on your team What's Your Question? page
  2. Carefully review the learning journal of the person above AND below you on your What's Your Question? page.
  3. Use the Question prompts on our wiki to push the thinking of your page partners by posing at least one strong question on their discussion tab.
  4. On Monday, we'll work on crafting strong responses to the questions posed by your page partners.

Dec 2:
  1. SLOW DOWN: Why is it important to verify the resources you are using to uncover answers to your Wonder?
It is important because we want to give the people credit.
  1. THINK: How might it help you to plan out your questions before seeking information from others (professionals)?
So we know where to ask our questions.
  1. LOOK AHEAD: How might you share your learning with the world (blog, wiki, Learning Journal, Glog, etc.)?
I could email people and hand out fliers.
1. What questions from our "Asking Questions" page helped further your search on your wonder?
I think that my question about "how can we help animals?" was the one that led to my wonder.
2. What answers did you find?
3. What are your next steps?

Nov 30:
  1. What professionals are exploring your topic, or a topic similar to yours?
  2. Which have you chosen to follow, or learn from?
  3. How did you verify they are a credible source?
  4. Please post a link to their work - blog, wiki, webpage, etc.
  5. Do they have a Twitter account?
    • Who do they follow?
    • Who is following them?
    • What does this suggest about them or their work?
Nov 29:
  1. Please post a summary (2-3 sentences) of a resource you found during your work time today. Be sure to include:
    • a link to that resource
    • connections from that resource to your Wonder: how is this information brief helpful or relevant to your investigation?
    • We worked on our web sight and finding information. It was really fun because learned a lot about animals
  2. What will your next steps be tomorrow?

Nov 21:
In the Paper Clip movie, the students in Whitwell had a very specific wonder about the world - they wondered about the sheer number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. Reflecting on their efforts to better understand a group of this size, please respond to the questions below:
  • What did they learn "in the cracks" of their quest to collect 6 million paperclips?
  • They learned to work together and they learned more about the halacost
  • How did this influence, or make a difference to others?
The way they worked to active there goal
  • What about your wonders might make a difference to others?
  • How might you teach others about your Wonders of the World ?
  • How might your learning journey serve to educate others?
  • Why bother?

Oct 28:
  • Which of the REAL strategies have you used this week to validate information you have found?
I have googled my topic then I found any good resores that were repeted on multiple websites.

Oct 21:
  • How can we be sure to save enough time each class to document and reflect on our work?
We can be proacktive and work fast
Oct 17:
  • What questions on your page seem worthy of an investigation?
why can people be rude in there discutions?
  • How might your Learning Journal support your investigation?
I will have a lot of resorces and questions to look back at.
Oct 3:
  • How will you use the discussion rubric to strengthen your own work?
You can get advice from other people then your paper can be better.
  • How will you use the discussion rubric to support the work of your peers?
I can give good advice and give compilments on there work and tell them were there falling behind.
Sept 26:
  • In what ways can questions shift a discussion?
They can shift in good and bad ways.
  • In what ways can questions strengthen a discussion?
If you ask a good question then it will strengthen a disussion.
  • In what ways might questions dilute, or weaken a discussion?
people might be on a good topic and then ask a bad question then the person will think they don't care about a converstaion.

Sept 23:
  • Who can you add to our authority list?
I can add My mom and my dad and my uncle and my aunt and my grandparents.
  • How might learning from such authorities in a particular field or area of study be different from learning for yourself, with your peers, or
from another adult?
My mom is a lawaer and my dad is an enginere my aunt is a teacher my uncle is a arkectect and my grandpa was a judege and airforce genral and mgranma was a teacher.

Sept 19:
  • What can you learn on your own?
I can learn right from wrong
  • What can you learn from your each other?
I can learn what to do in a progect.
  • What do you need to learn from us?
I need to learn what we need to know to go to college and find a job.