1.Locate the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies on a map.
(National Geography Standard 3 p. 148)
  • What kind of goegraphic features divde up the colonies
  • How did they decide where the border should be
  • Why arent the colonies bigger
  • What are the major industries in these colonies?
  • Where there any leaders/President of these colonies? If so, who are they?
  • What are the major religions in these colonies?

2.Describe the daily life of people living in the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. (National Geography Standards 14 and 15; pp. 171 and 173)
  • What was the daily life of an indentured servant
  • How did their food differ from ours
  • What did people do to consume their free time

3.Describe colonial life in America from the perspectives of at least three different groups of people (e.g., wealthy landowners, farmers, merchants, indentured servants, laborers and the poor, women, enslaved people, free Africans, and American Indians). (National Geography Standard 6, p. 154)
  • What made wealthy people wealthy and what did they do with the money
  • How well were farmers made back then
  • What is the process of becoming a merchant

4.Describe the development of the emerging labor force in the colonies (e.g., cash crop farming, slavery, indentured servants). (E)
  • What were the componets to what job you did
  • How was the decision decided
  • Why were there slaves and indentured servants

5.Make generalizations about the reasons for regional differences in colonial America.
(National Geography Standard 6, p. 154)
  • Why is the geography different
  • Why did the democracy differ from the others
  • Why werent they all under one rule

Work with your group to write questions that will help you understand the objectives.

  • What questions would you ask to insure you have learned the objective?
  • What steps will you take to answer your questions?
  • How will you demonstrate you have learned ?
  • How is each colony different?

What does your group plan to do to show your knowledge of this information?

How will each group member prove they know each one of the objectives?

Effort and Acheivement
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