Heat Transfer No. 13 Lauren Caroline

Heat TransferaosWiscEdu.jpg

Driving Question:
  • How can different forms of energy be transferred from place to place by radiation, conduction or convection? Convection energy is when the heat rises, cools, and sinks. Radiation Energy is when the heat travels form a heat source. Conduction energy is when heat travels thourgh a solid object.
  • How can energy be transferred while no energy is lost of gained in the process? It turns in a diffrent form so it turns n one form into another form.

ProjectThis is are project

Berfore Picture
After Picture

Team Members:

  • Making a remake of the movie spirt
  • Making the set out of a box

  • Caroline
  • Making the fire come out of a hole as the forest catches on fire
  • Using a toy hores


Game Plan:
  • Project Idea:
We are re making a part of the movie spirt when a fire burns down the forest.
  • Caroline is inchared of the wiki and recording clip
  • Lauren is inchared of making and wirting a script for the project

  • Materials/Resource List
    • Box
    • Toy Horse
    • Tolipaper rolls#.gif